Freight Club Launches Free Carbon Offset Program for Members

BURNABY, BCJan. 5, 2021 /CNW/ – Freight Club, a leading logistics management platform, is thrilled to launch a free-access program to members that offsets 100% of the carbon emissions emitted from all shipment it enables. The program, in partnership with non-profit One Tree Planted, will plant trees in areas most impacted by industrial and environmental damage, such as California – a hub for the furniture manufacturing industry.

The transport industry represents 14% of global carbon emissions annually. That number will only increase as consumer habits change and eCommerce grows; global parcel volume is forecasted to reach 100 billion by 2025. With an increase in global shipping, Freight Club recognizes the critical importance of these foundational measures now, as eCommerce accelerates, and its members and end-consumers seek ways to balance that impact to the environment. “We understand deeply the impact transport has on our environment. We see it, and we want to enable our members to do something about it. Offsetting carbon emissions is the first step,” says Chris Randall, VP Revenue, Freight Club.

The new initiative leverages trees to offset carbon by calculating the amount released during shipping using the GHG Protocol calculation and balancing it with reforestation efforts. Tree planting has an even greater impact than just removing CO₂; tree planting also reaps an abundance of environmental and social benefits. “We see the impact trees make firsthand. Not only do trees clean the air we breathe, but they also prevent natural-disaster-causing erosion, providing a clean water source, and creating habitats for biodiversity,” says Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director, One Tree Planted.

Through funding the work of One Tree Planted, Freight Club is focusing their efforts on planting trees in the areas of California impacted by the 2020 and 2017 wildfires. “It’s important to us to help our neighbors in California. Working with One Tree Planted ensures new growth is planted responsibly to prevent future devastation,” Randall shares. The initiative helps to replace the millions of acres lost during the fires with endangered native tree species. “We were very impressed with the amount of work the Freight Club team did in researching and calculating how to offset of their carbon,” says Chaplin. “You can really see the thought and care that went into this program.”

Sustainable shipping through carbon offsets is a significant first step for businesses prioritizing ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives. “We are excited to partner with industry leaders like Freight Club. Their commitment to offsetting every shipment is a huge leap forward for the shipping industry and one that we hope others will emulate,” says Chaplin.

The initiative is offered at no cost to Freight Club members, which offers an advantage to businesses big and small. “We didn’t want going green to simply be an ‘option’ for our members,” says Randall. “We wanted it to be the default – because doing the right thing should be easy.” By making it free and easy for members to go green, Freight Club continues its mission to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

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